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Voluntary Disclosure -Simply Relax!

Voluntary Disclosure -Simply Relax!

Many people avoid reporting to the tax authorities and thereby knowingly or inadvertently, bring upon themselves unnecessary emotional and financial difficulties. The words “voluntary disclosure” sound big and scary, but the truth is that if you get the right guidance from an expert CPA in this field, it becomes a simple and easy process.

Our office has many years of experience in assisting many of our clients in the process of submitting late tax reports. We are knowledgeable in the laws relating to voluntary disclosure, and have the know how to assist customers throughout the process of collecting and submitting the documents.

Therefore if you are an American and Israeli dual citizen, or a green card holder

and have income from wages, self-employment, investments, businesses or any other source and you :

  • Did not report to the US tax authorities
  • Reported partially
  • Reported in the past and stopped

Simply contact us!

We will help you get rid of this unnecessary worry, peacefully and successfully!

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