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UK – Israel tax department

UK – Israel tax department

The UK tax department provides an overarching solution for tax issues of individuals. Our experts understand the nuances of the Double Tax Treaty between Israel and the UK, and are up-to-date with any changes. The uniqueness of the department is the integration of both aspects – both British and Israeli, via a deep understanding of the two tax systems. We are able to build an accounting basis that serves as fertile ground for the financial success of the client. In this way, our firm provides a unique service whereby the same firm will file both sets of tax returns for the client under a single roof. Our team are exerts in both the British and Israeli tax systems, and are able to provide relevant professional advice for the overall tax strategy of the client; thereby saving clients from paying unnecessary taxes and from tax accidents

New immigrants – our team assists many immigrants at different stages of their Aliyah process plan for the correct tax structure, advising the various implications of the move, and introducing them to a new tax system – so that they can enter the process of immigration with confidence and without unnecessary costs.

Israeli emigres – Israelis who are moving to live in the UK, primarily for work opportunities, will find within our office the various tax solutions that they require. Our experts are able to build a tax strategy for relocations which not only help with saving costs to clients, but also help to keep navigate the bureaucratic taxation issues, giving them a sense of security and understanding of their new economic reality.

Services to individuals

Individual taxation: new immigrants, returning residents, non-residents and relocation

  • Building a bespoke tax plan, which includes filing necessary returns, taking into account the latest updates in tax laws and terms of the Double Tax Treaty
  • Voluntary disclosure in respect of hitherto reported income and assets
  • Advice and training of clients in respect of asset and money management, including tax reporting requirements, many of which are new situations due to having moved country –

    in order to make the most of rights given and reducing tax liabilities.

  • Compensation planning and calculation of national insurance allowances
  • Estates – finding solutions for the reduction of tax in respect of inheritances from the UK,

    which may be exposed to potential double taxation due to the differening tax systems in the two countries

  • Retirees – building a tax plan for retirement for those retiring to Israel from the UK,

    including taxation of pensions, entitlement to Israeli pensions, and more

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