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International taxation & Relocation

International taxation

Our firm is a leader in international taxation. Our experts are well versed in analysis of the tax treaties signed by Israel and can provide a comprehensive taxation solution for both Israeli and international corporations. The firm is a member of the international PrimeGlobal accounting network, which allows us to co-operate with local accountants in almost any country: 81 countries from North America, South America, Europe, Asia & Oceania and Africa.

Clients with international operations will find in our firm a one-stop-shop for the optimal solution to minimize the tax burden on both the Israeli side and the international side, receiveing from us all of the services that they require, as well as addressing their accounting and tax needs (for both individuals and companies). These services include planning of the transaction, actual implementation, assistance and consulting throughout the life of the business and filing tax returns and international tax planning in Israel and in foreign countries.

Careful planning of overseas business operations is a must in order to be successful. Our International Taxation Department takes all parameters into consideration, including different tax rates, in order to find the best economic track for advancing our clients’ activities. We have the knowledge and experience required to work with different operating locations and with local accountants in many countries to provide our clients with the holistic accounting infrastructure they require to be successful.

We specialize in tax treaties between Israel and the USA, UK and France. We keep abreast of tax laws in these countries, so as to find new and creative solutions and to provide alternatives for the well-known tax incentives. We are also in regular contact with leading accounting firms around the world, and in particular in the business centers of New York and London, to clarify insights and to brainstorm with other experts in this field. The Department handles diverse issues, including the following: Relocation, tax planning for individuals, tax planning for companies,

tax consulting and review of investment plans.

Services provided by this department:

  • Representation with tax authorities in Israel, USA, UK and France
  • Tax planning for individuals Planning the tax structure, consulting and filing tax returns in Israel and overseas, for immigrants, returning residents, foreign residents in various stages: retirees, employed in Israel or overseas.
  • Tax planning for companies Planning the tax structure, consulting and filing tax returns in Israel and overseas, for companies and corporations, including for the business owners.
  • Inbound consulting for international companies  Tax planning, consulting and assistance for international companies looking to establish a branch in Israel.
  • Outbound consulting for Israeli investors – Tax planning, consulting and assistance for Israeli investors or for companies looking to invest overseas.
  • Taxation of trusts and estates– Assistance and consulting with regard to tax liability of trusts and filing the required reports in Israel and overseas, in particular with regard to change in status of the trust due to death, change in residence status and immigration to Israel.
  • Relocation Consulting for individual residents in Israel planning to relocate to another country.

    Consulting and planning, including review of residency status and date of termination of being resident in Israel, providing advice upon relocation to overseas, preparing tax reviews of the resident status of individuals for tax purposes, consulting for foreign residents employed in Israel.

  • Voluntary disclosure filing– Filing a report with tax authorities of undeclared capital and/or income, reducing the tax liability and avoiding criminal indictment.
  • Transfer pricing– Successful launching of business operations in another country calls for the handling and review of the transfer pricing policy between the parent company and the new subsidiary company. Creating a clear tax plan, to avoid complications with the tax authorities and potential criminal issues, in conformity with rules for controlled foreign corporations (CFC). and with secondary rules of the relevant country.
  • Taxation of stock options and capital gain – Tax planning for the selling of stock options for employees other than controlling shareholders

Relocation Assistance

Our firm has significant experience in assisting individuals who relocate to and from Israel, as well as assisting their employers who may be involved in the decision to relocate.

These services include full accompaniment throughout the process, starting from the initial planning stages of the relocation all the way through the individual’s final return to their home country.

We provide the following services as part of the relocation assistance:

  • Advisory services to employers regarding relocations of their employees
  • Cost projection calculations
  • Relocation consultations related to arrivals and departures to/from the US and Israel
  • Israeli payroll services for foreign workers in Israel
  • Preparation of annual tax returns for the relocating individual, including tax residency positions for income and social taxes
  • True-up calculations
  • Equity compensation (stock options, RSUs, etc.) planning and consulting to minimize the risks of double taxation
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