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Risk management

Risk management

Any business or organization seeking to grow and to expand operations, will eventually be asking: Is it worthwhile? Taking a decision which involves financial risk and potential gain can be highly confusing and tempestuous. At our Risk Management Department, we assist our clients in making informed decisions in terms of management and financial aspects, weighing potential gain against risk.

A risk management survey is the smart and proper starting point for any new venture. It allows you to consider the different parameters involved in the venture, to focus on weaknesses and to prepare a comprehensive financial plan that would ensure that the venture starts off and continues in the best way possible. Including creating audit procedures, to minimize unnecessary risk and to alert in time to any such risk.

Our team of experts – Yoav Aboulafia, CPA, Paul Staszewski, CPA and Ofer Shmuel, CPA – assist many businesses, public benefit companies and NGOs, conducting review and analysis, together with the client, of exposure to various risk concentrations in the new venture, and its impact on the financial stability of the business or organization.

Services provided by this department

  • Locate, review and analyze risk to which the organization is exposed and rate such risk
  • Create organizational risk scenarios (Heat Map)
  • Specify operating procedures and guidelines for risk management
  • Provide consulting and assistance to company owners and Board management
  • Quantify risk benchmarks with statistical data (KPIs, KRIs and their impact on the business and operations)
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