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Meet Our Team
Yoav Aboulafia

CPA. Founding Partner
Manager of Jerusalem branch

Itzik Libster

CPA. Partner
Israeli tax department

Haya Weissfish

Partner: Manager of bookkeeping department and administrative functions

Ron Zalben

CPA (Isr/US). Partner
US tax department

Jacques Chekroun

CPA (Isr/Fra), Partner
Manager of Tel Aviv branch

Rivky Barr

CPA (Isr /US) , Senior Manager
US tax department

Larry Stern

CPA (US). Partner
US tax department

Anat Ithakov

CPA (M.B.A) – Partner of Audit department, Tel Aviv

Shlomo Kott

CPA (Isr/USA). Partner
Manager of New York branch

Binyamin Radomsky

CPA (Isr), FCA (UK). Partner
UK tax department

Yael Roichman

CPA – Partner of bookkeeping department and controller services for multi-national corporations

Esti Rosenberg

Partner, Bookkeeper
and Payroll department

Rachel Freind

EA, Partner
Israeli tax department

Danny Zucker

Partner International Tax Department

Mordechai Wilk

Expertise: Bookkeeping and Accounting

Professional Consultants

Meet Our Team
Michael Brody

CPA (Isr), FCA (UK). Senior Consultant Tax department

Gershon Feldman

CPA (Isr), FCA (UK). Senior Consultant Audit department

Paul Staszewski

CPA (Isr), FCA (UK). Partner
Internal audit and risk assessment

Don Shrensky

CPA (Isr/US). Partner
US tax depatment

Shlomo Ben Shimol

CPA, CIA Audits, Risk Management
and Financial Consulting

Moshe Kesar

Professional consultant

taxation and real estate investments

Effi shuv

senior consultant

Authority grants and tax incentives

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