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Effi Shuv

Effi Shuv – Senior Consultant for Israel Innovation Authority grants and tax

– Very knowledgeable in the ecosystem of innovation – technological
entrepreneurship, impact entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship,
technological innovation, business models, growth, strategy (scaling), market
analysis, and competitive analysis.
– A visionary and ambitious.
– A seasoned entrepreneur, with a track record of founding four technology
companies (one of which had a successful exit). Registered patent inventor in
the field of deep technology.
– Member of the Independent Evaluation Committee of the Research and
Innovation Foundation of Cyprus (RIF).

– Expert professional evaluator at the Innovation Authority of the European
– Consultant to research, innovation and excellence centers in Israel and abroad.
Mentor in leading technological accelerators in Israel and abroad. Expert in
R&D grant programs and tax incentives.
– Certified in Computer Science, Technion, Haifa.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Languages: Hebrew, English

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