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Who are we?

The firm of Aboulafia, Avital, Shrensky & Co. is a leading, experienced CPA firm in Israel, with an international presence and is a part of the PrimeGlobal network. The Firm’s employees have over 30 years of experience in various accounting and tax disciplines.

The office is based in three key locations: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and New York. Our staff includes 130 dedicated professionals, led by 19 partners – expert CPAs with extensive experience, certified in Israel, the USA, the UK and France.

Our clients come from a diverse range of businesses, from both trade and services including sectors such as: insurance, public companies, non-profits, high-tech, real estate, industry, hospitality, tourism and finance.


What do we do?

Today’s business world, with technology being a key component in development, and many businesses becoming global, has resulted in accounting becoming a profession that requires significant expertise in a wide range of domains. We are proud of our ability to provide complete, comprehensive infrastructure for all accounting services required for our clients’ business success, providing solutions for each and every stage. Our services include planning at the outset, on-going assistance, providing audit, tax, controller and consulting services that cover taxation, both in Israel and world wide all under one roof, all aspects of accounting operations.

We provide, inter alia, solutions for the following:

  • Financial statement audit
  • Business strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real-estate transactions
  • International taxation
  • Tax planning
  • Financing
  • Local taxation
  • Individual taxation
  • Income tax audit representation
  • Trusts and estates
  • Controller services and bookkeeping
  • Internal audit
  • Economic assessment
  • Risk management
  • Raising capital
  • Non-profit organizations
  • EU government grants

Business clients typically require a range of the aforementioned services on regular basis. Sometimes these are on-going activities, but in some cases, they are needed periodically. They are important because they are critical to the success of the business.

The question arises whether you should obtain all these services separately, from different, un-related professionals, each an expert in their own field, or from a CPA firm such as ours, bringing together a wide range of domains, being able to provide a solution for any accounting, economic or business issue that may arise. Our firm has a wide range of experts, from our partners on through our extensive connections established with top experts in Israel and overseas including attorneys, economists and CPAs in a wide range of specific domains, such as: international taxation, tax treaties, transfer pricing and valuations.  In some cases we obtain legal and economic professional opinions from our colleagues – with our assistance in preparation and implementation of the opinion. Through this we ensure that our clients receive the most appropriate tax, financial and accounting advice.

We believe that business clients require the appropriate accounting and taxation infrastructure. Thus, in case a specific expertise is required – the infrastructure is already in place, and our experts can properly assess how any one aspect impacts the overall business picture, to provide value-added service that is forward looking.

Our added value

Our firm is one of only a handful in Israel with specialization in international taxation and accounting, and able to work and integrate multiple taxation systems in different countries relevant to the client’s business. This is not merely a slogan, but day-to-day work with thousands of clients who operate in Israel and in other countries. Our experts are well versed in taxation and accounting systems in Israel, the USA, UK and France.

Our experts create the correct taxation plan and accounting infrastructure for our clients, based on strategic thinking, integrating planning to all taxation and accounting systems in the different countries in which our client operates. Our professional agenda calls for comprehensive service to be provided to each client, taking into account both local and foreign operations as a single entity. This way, we pave the road for our clients’ growth and business expansion.

Many clients come to us after an arduous journey involving firms who only found a local solution – but missed the big picture. With the proper accounting infrastructure in place, and the professional capacity to consider all of the different economic aspects and taxation systems, clients based in Israel with investments overseas, or foreign clients, whether immigrant or a corporation looking to set up operations in Israel, receive our assistance, both on the Israeli side and the international side, including filling financial statements and tax reporting in both countries. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ best interests between the different taxation systems.

Our expertise covers:

  • Preparation and submission of annual reports to tax authorities in Israel and other countries, for individuals, corporations and partnerships
  • Tax audit representation with tax authorities in Israel and abroad
  • Experience in tax treaties between countries
  • Preparation of audited financial statements in conformity with US GAAP
  • Preparation of audited financial statements in conformity with IFRS
  • Voluntary disclosure in the USA and in Israel
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Our understanding that comprehensive service is the way to excel, has led us to open multiple branches, in order to provide a complete solution for our clients. We have branches in cities with major business centers which means better service for our clients.

Jerusalem branch
Headed by Yoav Aboulafia, CPA
68 Kanfei Nesharim St. Oranim Center 11 Floor, Jerusalem, Israel.
Telephone: 02-651-5155
Fax: 02-651-5185
USA: 888-372-7299
Tel Aviv branch
Headed by Jacques Chekroun, CPA
52 Menachem Begin St. Sonol tower, 17th floor, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Telephone: 03-537-0080
New York branch
Headed by Shlomo Kott, CPA
347 Fifth Avenue NY, NY
USA: 888-372-7299
Beit Shemesh branch
Park Centre shopping centre in RBS A

Telephone: 058-5544168
Beitar Illit branch
Bituach Leumi building.
Telephone: 02-6754219
Beit Shemesh branch
Park Centre shopping centre in RBS A

Telephone: 058-5544168
Beitar Illit branch
Bituach Leumi building.
Telephone: 02-6754219
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