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France – Israel tax department

France – Israel tax department

The French tax department provides an overarching solution for tax issues of individuals, investors and companies. Our experts understand the nuances of the Double Tax Treaty between Israel and France, and are up-to-date with any changes. The uniqueness of the department is the integration of both aspects – both French and Israeli, via a deep understanding of the two tax systems. We are able to build an accounting basis that serves as fertile ground for the financial success of the client. In this respect, our office offers a unique service, filing two sets of tax returns under a single roof. Our team are exerts in both the French and Israeli tax systems, and are able to provide relevant professional advice for the overall tax strategy of the client; thereby saving clients from paying unnecessary taxes and from tax accidents

Our department assist many immigrants, in various stages of their immigration, to plan their tax structure, advising them of the financial implications of their move and introducing them to the new system into which they are entering, so that they are able to go through the process with confidence and without unnecessary costs.

Israelis who are moving to live in the France, primarily for work opportunities, will find within our office the various tax solutions that they require. Our experts are able to build a tax strategy for relocations which not only help with saving costs to clients, but also help to keep navigate the bureaucratic taxation issues, giving them a sense of security and understanding of their new economic reality.

Service for individuals

Individual taxation: new immigrants, returning residents, non-residents and relocation

  • Building a bespoke tax plan, which includes filing necessary returns, taking into account the latest updates in tax laws and terms of the Double Tax Treaty
  • Voluntary disclosure in respect of hitherto reported income and assets
  • Planning for severance pay and calculation of National Insurance pensions
  • Advice and training of clients in respect of asset and money management, including tax reporting requirements, many of which are new situations due to having moved country – in order to make the most of rights given and reducing tax liabilities.
  • Estates – finding solutions for the reduction of tax in respect of inheritances from France, which may be exposed to potential double taxation due to the differing tax systems in the two countries
  • Retirees – building a tax plan for retirement for those retiring to Israel from France, including taxation of pensions, entitlement to Israeli pensions, and more

Services for investors

Many people in France choose to invest in Israel. Planning ahead of time, including the taxation effects are very important in order to fully understand the entire likely costs involved. Alongside the business opportunity, it’s important to take into account, at the start of the process, the tax liabilities and the exposure of the investor to both Israeli and French taxation, as well as any legal matters that may arise. Our experts have much knowledge and experience in building a tax strategy which takes into account all of the above factors and help to keep costs to a minimum.

  • Real estate taxation –providing a comprehensive service in all taxation aspects of real estate transactions, accompanying the purchase or sale processes. Including Land Appreciation tax, and examination of the relevant benefits available under various incentive laws.
  • Capital Investment & Equity– advising on various tax benefits that the state of Israel grants investment development and finding the ideal route for the customer
  • Investments and holdings in Israel or abroad – peripheral tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, and the transfer of assets examining the methods of the relevant benefits of encouraging laws.

Advice to companies

Corporate Consulting

  • Building a tax plan that takes into account all parameters in both countries, includes dual reporting requirements and tax rates in both countries and the rules governing oversight of overseas corporations (CFC)
  • Checking the tax liabilliites of the company, both Federal and state, and ensuring that all credits are taken into account
  • Dealing with transfer pricing issues between the parent and subsidiary companies. Building a tax strategy in order to prevent complications with the tax and legal authorities, in accordance with the rules governing oversight of overseas corporations (CFC)

So, you’ve decided to open a branch of your Israeli company in France, or to open a branch of your French company in Israel. What now? Business activity in a new company can be very complex, especially the taxation aspect. In order to be successful and to show profits and returns, it’s important to accurately plan the tax, and take into account a number of variables. This includes tax reporting requirements in Israel and abroad, transfer pricing issues, withholding tax, employment laws and payroll obligations. Our experts are able to assist in all stages of setting up the company’s operations, building for you a holistic accounting basis and giving solutions for any complex financial issues that may arise.

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