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Economic and management consulting

Economic and management consulting

The partners at our firm have been assisting thousands of clients on their business and financial journeys for over 30 years. Based on this long-standing experience and in-depth knowledge with a wide range of businesses in Israel and around the world, doing business in diverse sectors, facing accounting dilemmas and changing strategies, we have accumulated knowledge and practical capabilities to assist and advise our clients on a wide range of economic, strategic and managerial issues.

 Achieving the success of every client is the outcome of careful work and in-depth knowledge of their operations, analyzing all of their activities from various economic perspectives, general and managerial conduct, through to review of their marketing.

Our expert team assists many clients facing financial or strategic decisions in making the right choice. We review their business standing and together with the client we analyze whether or not any given option is worthwhile and why. By applying various reviews such as risk survey, due diligence, review of procedures etc. we provide our client with added value for their decision making and for creating their business strategy.

Services provided by this department

  • Reading and analysis of financial statements
  • Analysis of company robustness, including assets and revenues
  • Review of internal management procedures and financial management
  • Analysis of company budget
  • Review of the company’s contingent liabilities and obligations to employees
  • Analysis of the company’s marketing plan and implementation thereof
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