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Mordechai Wilk

Mordechai Wilk, Expertise: Bookkeeping and Accounting

Mordechai Wilk became a partner in the firm in 2023. He is the founder of Mordechai Wilk Management Services, and accounting firm which has operated in Jerusalem since 1986.
Mordechai has extensive experience handling dozens of corporate, non-profit, independent and international clients in all areas of accounting, payroll calculations, supervision and control of transfer of funds in Israel and abroad.
He accompanies clients from the stage of establishing a business through its development, with a wide range of services that include building an accounting system, continuous monitoring of the business conduct, payroll, financial services and ongoing work with the auditing accountant.
Education: Accountant with a degree in Economics and Accounting from the University of Cape Town in South Africa.
Languages: Hebrew and English

“I do not cut corners in any way. When I need data from the client or a certain document, I will not compromise or give up, and will never submit material that is not perfect to the accountant or the tax authorities.”

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