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Moshe Kesar

Moshe Kesar,  LL.B, CPA,  professional advisor for Israeli taxation and complex tax solutions

Expertise: IS tax

An attorney and accountant who specializes in tax matters for individuals, companies and organizations, and deals with providing across the board tax solutions – income tax, VAT and real estate taxation. Providing complex tax solutions, facilitation of mergers and splits, advice regarding structural changes, and specializing in the Capital Investment Encouragement Law and Real Estate Investments.
In 2000, Moshe joined the Tax Authority and served in a variety of positions in the regional offices and in the professional division, including Company Supervisor in the Rehovot tax office, a National Supervisor in the Department of Mergers and Splits and professional referent for tax officials. In his most recent position at the Tax Authority, he served as Director of the Department of Mergers and Splits.

As Director of the Department of Mergers and Splits, Moshe advanced tax policy in the area of restructuring, mergers and splits. In this role, he was a partner in tax decisions for numerous and varied transactions conducted in Israel and abroad, including cash purchase transactions and / or by way of exchange of shares, transfers of assets to government companies, corporate inversions, and more.

Moshe is a lecturer in taxation at the Hebrew University and the Ono Academic Campus, as well as a guest lecturer at the CPA and the Israel Bar Association.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting from Bar Ilan University, a Bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from Shaarei Mishpat College, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (business taxation) from th College of Management Academic Studies.

Languages:  English, Hebrew


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