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January 2023

VAT return for the self-employed Osek Patur  Self employed persons must report to VAT their turnover (excluding expenses) for 2022 by January 31, 2023, to ensure that they are eligible to continue operating under the definition of an Osek Patur. The income ceiling for an exempt dealer for 2021 is NIS 102,292. If you have not yet reported, you can report in the blue form you received in the mail (or will receive later). Alternatively, it can be reported easily and quickly on the Tax Authority website. If you have exceeded the income ceiling, please contact your CPA as soon as possible. For your information, the

Many people avoid reporting to the tax authorities and thereby knowingly or inadvertently, bring upon themselves unnecessary emotional and financial difficulties. The words "voluntary disclosure" sound big and scary, but the truth is that if you get the right guidance from an expert CPA in this field, it becomes a simple and easy process. Our office has many years of experience in assisting many of our clients in the process of submitting late tax reports. We are knowledgeable in the laws relating to voluntary disclosure, and have the know how to assist customers throughout the process of collecting and submitting the documents. Therefore if you are

As we approach the end of the tax year we are happy to bring to your attention important tax updates that can help you submit the information to the tax authorities at the right time and manner. See our list of money saving tips for the end of the tax year. Feel free to contact us with any question.! General tips Pay all your  business expenses (Salaries, rent, etc.) before 31 December Postpone new revenue until the beginning of new year. Pay tax advances for the current tax year, which have not yet been paid, before the  31.1 of the new year in order to

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