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Three updates

Three updates

Three stories of interest from the last few days:

(1) The threshold above which you can no longer remain an osek patur (see here) magically increased to NIS 100,000. And according to the tax authority website, this came into effect as of 1st January 2014! Needless to say that this has caught everyone by surpise; not least those who “upgraded” to osek morshe when their income went over the 80k limit. At this stage, there is no official word from the authorities about what to do in such a situation, but I would doubt that they would allow someone to revert to osek patur quite so quickly.

(2) The final date for applying for the Working Grant for 2014 incomes has been extended until Friday 25th December 2015. See here for more.

(3) Following the announcement a fortnight ago that the “anonymous” and “short” Voluntary Disclosure procedures were being extended (see here), the deadline for filing such a procedure is now 30th June 2016.

If any of this is relevant to you, contact me today.

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