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Happy Chanukah from the Aboulafia Family

Happy Chanukah from the Aboulafia Family

The Chanukah holiday that is approaching is a double joy for our firm!
We are happy to announce that our Jerusalem office is moving.
Our new residence is 11th floor, 68 Kanfei Nesharim St., Jerusalem.

Please note!
Between 15th – 18th December 2022
there will be limited access to phones, computers and emails.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding! 


 Happy Chanukah from the Aboulafia Family  

The lights of the candles symbolize the victory of the forces of good over darkness. The delicate menorah candles remind us that even the small light of a single candle can “occupy” a great place in space, bring about a great change in our hearts and inspire unity and love.

Indeed, the holiday of Chanukah brings warmth, light and togetherness. Everyone gathers around the soft light of the candles enjoying the tasty donuts and singing together.

Throughout the ages, our Sages have been busy with the question of lighting the candle. From which direction should the candles be lit? Do we add a new candle every day or do we light the eight candles already on the first day? But on one thing they all agree – the power of light!

“He who lights a candle from a candle, one is lit and the other is not missing”
(Bamidbar Rabbah, Parasha 13).

The ceremony of lighting the menorah reminds us of the value of giving: the Shamash Candle gives its’ light to the other candles and thereby intensifies the light. In the same way, when we help others and are kind to each other, we help to strengthen the light in Israel and the whole world.

May we merit to give and shine!

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