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Entitlement to Compensation from Swiss Banks

Entitlement to Compensation from Swiss Banks

You may be entitled to compensation

Customers who own bank accounts in Switzerland, may be entitled to monetary compensation from the banks. A notice was received in accordance with the ruling of the Federal Court in Switzerland which ruled that any customer who invested money or managed assets (bonds, funds, structured savings plans and more) in a Swiss bank, is entitled to compensation for excessive fees that the banks charged their customers.

A comprehensive study conducted on the subject shows that the Swiss banks have taken charges of between 0.5% -2% of investment amounts without the consent of the customers and regardless of the financial performance of the investment. These fees were called “investment portfolio maintenance fees” and were composed of varying percentages according to the Bank’s decision. The outrageous sums of money that have accumulated are evidence of improper managerial conduct on the part of the banks, for example, the cumulative amount of commissions in the banks’ coffers for 2012 is 4.2 billion Swiss francs.

In 2017 the federal court ruled that the right to a claim for compensation would be accepted retroactively for 10 years. The amount of repayment to which an investor is entitled can range from $ 25,000-$75,000 for every $1,000,000 invested in the bank.

Unfortunately, the banks are not obligated to return the repayment amounts directly to the customer’s account. In order to receive the compensation from the bank, a compensation claim must be submitted by a professional service. If you or your relatives have a Swiss bank account, please contact us in order that we may help you claim your compensation and to return to you the  money collected from you fraudulently. Payment for services will be made based on success only.

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