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Paul Staszewski

Paul Staszewski, CPA (Isr), FCA (UK). Senior Consultant – Internal audit and risk assessment

Expertise: management of internal audit and risk assessment

Senior Consultant since 2017. Member of the Institute of Accountants’ committee of communication with the tax authorities. Previously served as CFO of Hanson and Jerusalem Post. Extensive experience of financial reporting and audits of public and private companies – including some of the largest in the Israel. Specialty in providing services to non-profits in a range of roles, including external auditor, internal auditor, audit committee chairman, advisor of management roles. Knowledgeable in the field of risk assessment, business review and following up on project progression, including setting internal audit procedures and developing implantation methods, with a focus on building internal communication within the organization.

Education: Undergraduate degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Economics
Accounting and Business, Manchester University
Languages: English, Hebrew, German

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