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June 2023

Partner since 2014 Specializations: Israeli taxation, Land Appreciation Tax, retirement planning How did it all start? Looking back it's funny to see how as a young man I ended up in the accounting profession that I now love so much. I come from an ultra-Orthodox and scholarly background, until the age of 20 I studied in a yeshiva every day, at a certain point I decided to enlist in the army and from there the road to Bar Ilan University was challenging but safe. I remember the deliberations of what profession to study and the great joy I felt when I discovered

Partner since 2014 38 years experience Tell us a little about how you got into your field of work? I've loved numbers as far back as I can remember, math problems were an amusement for me in my childhood. Unlike today, there weren't all the sophisticated computer games that keep today's children occupied, and that meant we had to keep ourselves occupied. My favorite past-time was numbers and naturally I continued with this love in my professional life as well. My first job was with the firm's founder, the late CPA Shlomo Aboulafia, who taught me the secrets of the accounting profession,

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